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Alzheimer's: A Crash Course for Friends and Relatives

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By Mary Cail, Ph.D.
Foreword by Barry Petersen
ISBN 978-0-9825751-2-3 ⎜Truewind Press, 199 pages
Includes index and reading guide

In this reader-friendly book, author Mary Cail offers step-by-step instructions for comforting those with Alzheimer's disease, and for supporting family members who are caregivers. Compelling stories illustrate the challenges of dementia: from Velma, an Arkansas sharecropper's daughter, to Willa, a physician once nominated for Surgeon General, and many more. Cail uses insightful strategies and "do and don't" conversation guides to deliver a realistic message of help and hope in a clear, sympathetic voice. Filled with practical and empowering advice, this book is essential reading for friends and loved ones, as well as concerned professionals and community members. Read it in short sections, as needed—you'll have an guide to help you make the most of your relationship as this condition, which develops over many years, progresses through its stages.


Between Jobs: Ten Ways to Help a Friend Who's Unemployed
An All-Weather Friend Booklet

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By Mary Cail, Ph.D.
ISBN 978-0-9825751-3-0
Truewind Press ⎮Booklet

● Support a friend's job search.
● Minimize the expense of socializing—Organize friends in ways that are free (or low cost) and fun.
● Help your friend cope with the uncertainty and worry.
●Encourage without criticizing.

"Between Jobs clearly outlines effective strategies for helping people cope with the devastating financial and emotional consequences of unemployment. I recommend this book for friends and family members of people struggling to recover from the shock of job loss."
Carl E. Van Horn, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Director, John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University

"Optimistically, unemployment can serve as  a springboard to a better opportunity. But for most, it's a time of worry and financial stress. Few of us are prepared for its effects on our friendships and relationships. Between Jobs is packed with tips, strategies and practical ways friends can be an anchor of support through this particular storm. Quickly readable, usable and encouraging." 
Molly Mahoney Matthews, founder and CEO of the Starfish Group and Job-IQ Inc., founder of Matthews Media Group, recognized by PR Week as one of the top public relations firms in the United States.


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When a Friend Is Diagnosed with Alzhiemer's: 7 Ways to Help
An All-Weather Friend Pamphlet

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By Mary Cail, Ph.D.
15 pages

Based on information from Alzheimer's: A Crash Course for Friends and Relatives, this PDF guide to download explains seven tips for supporting a friend or relative with early Alzheimer's disease—find easy ways to help your friend feel included and learn how to handle the harder issues of trust and flexibility. Think of how it would feel to struggle constantly with memory and conversation and to sense your relationships beginning to change. Download this free pamphlet and quickly learn some things you can do to help. 

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Recommended Books on Grief and Loss

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Making Loss Matter: Creating Meaning in Difficult Times

by David Wolpe

This is one of the best books on the kind of losses we all face throughout life that I've ever read. I found it comforting at a time when comfort was very hard to find.

Finding Daylight After Loss Shatters Your World: Seven Choices

by Elizabeth Harper Neeld, Ph.D.

A friend sent this book to me after my husband's death, and I've always been grateful to him. It's filled with practical advice, and reading it made me feel the relief of being understood. 

Turn My Mourning Into Dancing: Finding Hope in Hard Times

by Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen struggled with his identity and relationships, but he writes about loss with tremendous depth of spirit and integrity. He isn't afraid to admit being 'wounded' in a world where strength and power are often valued over gentleness and humility, and his willing use of that word seems to give permission for real healing to take place, when 'wounded' (meaning in distress, pain, anguish  or grief) is what we feel.