How Music Can Help With Mental Heath

Here's a link to a blog post by UK contributor, Will Tottle. Will describes how music therapy can benefit people suffering from various mental health problems, including PTSD. While I haven't tried music therapy, per se (probably should have), I do rely on music to lift my mood. It almost always helps, and it's both free and healthy. During some of the most difficult times in my life, I found music that took me emotionally to a different place and listened to it over and over again, until I could keep it in my mind. Listening now to that same music transports me back to those dark days but in not in a bad way—rather in a way that makes me realize the truth that time can heal. Will's link:

Will also contributed a link about how dogs can help with anxiety. I know about that, too, having had a collie, Bells, who was my companion through the grief of losing my husband. I took her traveling with me, and she slept in my bedroom. Bells was a Delta certified therapy dog. At one point, we were visiting more than 30 patients a week, but her 'therapy' for me, in the form of her companionship, intelligence and sheer joy in living was the best. She was the only dog I ever had who made up games—and she taught them to me.