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The All-Weather Friend page on suicide will be a forum where you can share stories and blogs, suggest ways to support friends and loved ones who are coping with this circumstance, ask questions and connect with a sympathetic community. To send suggestions and tips, use the form below. For stories and blogs, please use "Share" (third tab, top navigation bar) or email Thanks for visiting—We'd love to hear from you!

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A message from Mary: At the risk of stepping back too squarely into past pain, I've added a few new All-Weather Friend pages that I can moderate for the time being because of my personal background in these situations. While I'm working on the page, here is a brief passage from a long article I wrote about friendship (and how faith can sometimes be found in the darkest of times), which gives a sense of my own experience with suicide:

On a cold clear Sunday evening when sidewalks and streets were edged in grimy crusts of snow, I had found my husband in his office. The hospital corridors were almost vacant that night, and my footsteps echoed on the linoleum floors as I walked quickly past elevators, locked clinics and unlit labs to a back wing, sequestered by an electronic access that swung open and closed with a sharp clap. I knew Wayne was dead the instant I cracked his office door and slipped inside. Wild frantic screams rose within me, screams I could not control. My legs gave way and I huddled against the wall with my eyes tightly shut. I screamed over and over, unable to stop, as though I had been shoved off a cliff. . .
— Mary Cail, from "The Moment When Everything Changed"