Useful Websites

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( Useful, well-organized, user-friendly website 

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Network of crisis centers throughout the country

National Institute of Mental Health: Suicide Prevention 

Save: Suicide Awareness, Voices of Education

verywellmind: Website on many mental health issues; the link is for the depression page; contains many quick-to-read articles on everything from foods and vitamins that help with depression to finding a therapist

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance: Link opens to the page on how to help a person in crisis

Students Against Depression: Website that may be more attractive to younger people, "by students for students" started by the families of two young people who took their own lives

Families for Depression Awareness ( Packed with links, not overwhelming, well designed and organized

Blurt ( Believe it or not, an uplifting website on depression