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An All-Weather Friend Booklet

By Mary McDaniel Cail
Truewind Press ©2015
62 pages

What you'll learn:

Everyone knows unemployment is a difficult situation, especially when it drags on for months, even years. Do you know how to help a friend navigate through this stressful time of life—What to say, what to do? This short booklet (with more than 50 strategies) suggests practical ways to:

  • Support your friend's job search
  • Minimize the expense of socializing: Organize friends in ways that are free (or low cost) and fun.
  • Help your friend cope with the uncertainty and worry.
  • Encourage without criticizing.

With strategies, suggestions and conversation guides, Between Jobs: Ten Ways to Help a Friend Who's Unemployed outlines how to make the crisis more bearable. You can help in practical ways—without hurting a friend's pride. But even more important, you can show real understanding when your friend feels discouraged. Joblessness won't last. Gratefulness for your comfort and compassion will.