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An All-Weather Friend Booklet

By Mary McDaniel Cail
Truewind Press ©2015
62 pages

What you'll learn:

Everyone knows unemployment is a difficult situation, especially when it drags on for months, even years. Do you know how to help a friend navigate through this stressful time of life—What to say, what to do? This short booklet (with more than 50 strategies) suggests practical ways to:

  • Support your friend's job search
  • Minimize the expense of socializing: Organize friends in ways that are free (or low cost) and fun.
  • Help your friend cope with the uncertainty and worry.
  • Encourage without criticizing.

With strategies, suggestions and conversation guides, Between Jobs: Ten Ways to Help a Friend Who's Unemployed outlines how to make the crisis more bearable. You can help in practical ways—without hurting a friend's pride. But even more important, you can show real understanding when your friend feels discouraged. Joblessness won't last. Gratefulness for your comfort and compassion will.


Helping friends be friends when it matters most